Magic. The word itself sounds extraordinary and illusionary. It is said that magic has been in the world since 1500 and that people have been practicing it since. In the earlier times, when man had only basic resources, magic was also pretty simple. The people in ancient times started practicing magic on stones or coins that were made of stones.

But as time evolved, people started looking for various other magic tricks that intrigued people in different ways. Most of the time, people did simple magic tricks. With the invention of playing cards, magicians also invented various tricks that revolved around playing cards. These cards helped in creating an illusion in the minds of the audience.

Slowly and steadily magicians started to get recognition in society and people started taking interest in the works of magicians. Many people started hiring magicians for different events such as birthday parties, corporate events, social gatherings, and many more. With growing times, magicians found different ways of entertaining people and having fun altogether.


But with changing times, people do not find card tricks that fun as they used to find them. Dont get us wrong card tricks still leave the audience in awe but with developing technology, even magicians have come up with tricks that are done with the help of emerging technology.

Now you may wonder how exactly does a magician does tricks with the help of technology. Technology has helped us develop products like iPad, tablets, phones, and many other products. But a question may arise in your mind that how do these products help magicians in doing tricks that leave the audience in awe.

Magicians who use products like these are called digital magicians. Digital magicians are an emerging trend in the modern era. For example, a digital magician may use an iPad and a soft drink. The magician uses these two items to showcase his/her talent. The magician pushes the soft drink into the iPad and the bottle disappears inside the iPad! Astonishing right?

Not only an iPad or a tablet, but some magicians use street products like pens, pencils, nail polish, and many more. Some magicians do magic tricks with the help of digital illusions that leave the audience awestruck and intrigued. Digital illusions are also quite popular among digital magicians.

Usage of holograms, drones, virtual reality, and many more digitalized items are in high demand of digital magicians. The magicians use these products to perform several acts. These digitalized products are slowly becoming an emerging trend among people. The reason behind this is that people do not expect such tricks which are unconventional.

These were some reasons that digital magicians are an emerging trend in the modern era. Also since people are evolving and always expect more from every industry then why not from the world of magic? In the future, people will see more digital magicians that bring new magic tricks to the people and evolve the world of magic.

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