Airbnb, What is It?

You may have head of a company and website called Airbnb but are not quite sure what it is or involves.


In this short post, we will explain in short detail how you can use this website for a different travel experience, especially if you travel throughout the year on a regular basis.

Airbnb is a one stop shop for you to find a property to rent worldwide or list your property or room for rent to people who want to stay long or short term.

The variety of properties on the site are vast. You can literally  rent a room for the night to hire a Yacht.

You are able to view all of the properties (or castles) online and contact the the owners directly.

There are over 2 Million properties on the site and they are in nearly every country with around thirty thousand cities available.

rent a room

If you want to be an Airbnb host and need help, please visit their official website for more advice and tips.

Airbnb makes the whole process as easy as possible for both the host and the tenant as possible. They have professional, experienced staff to help you should you have any problems and have full support available which is around the clock twenty four seven.

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