Download Spotify premium apk free

Downloading spotify premium apk is easy as other android applications are, the only difficulty you will face in spotify is accessing the premium spotify apk for free.

And this is the only reason you are reading this article.

Am I right?


So, before I guide you to download and install free spotify premium apk in your android device first you let me introduce you little bit about spotify apk.

I know some of you are already aware about this application, but this is for those who dont know, what spotify apk is?

Spotify is an online music, songs, and podcasts streaming application where people from all over the world come to listen the music and they just not come to listen the music but they also create their own music, songs and upload it on the spotify.

Spotify is one of the best online platform which has provided the people to show their talent in front of billions of audience throughout the world.

Spotify has the collection of billions of songs, music, podcasts shared by different artist in a different language from the different country of the world.

Spotify is not available only for android devices but for other platforms too like windows and mac.

Spotify comes in two version paid and free the only difference between these two is its services.

If you are using free version of spotify then you will be able to access only few limited features like listening the songs but paid version has lot more features than free version.

As already I have mentioned above that what we are going to learn today.

So, if you are troubling to get the free spotify premium apk then keep reading this article because today in this article I am going to guide you that how you can access the free spotify premium apk with all its premium features which are not available in a free version.

Lets start

How to download spotify premium apk for free?

You have the two different ways of using spotify apk, the first one is download it for free and limit yourself with its limited features.

The second one is take the subscription of spotify where you have to pay few bucks to spotify and it will allow you to access all its premium features.

Now its completely on you which one you should choose whether free or premium version.

But I think premium version would be the best choice because it gives you some amazing features which will enhance your music experience 10x more than free one.

Now you will say I dont have money to take the paid subscription of spotify premium apk.

Its ok,

No problem if you dont have money because I am going to let you access the spotify premium apk for free without paying a single bucks to spotify.

Lets begin

To access the free spotify premium apk you just have to follow few simple steps very carefully I am going to share below and after completion of all the steps correctly you will have the premium account of spotify.

Step: 1 Uninstall older version

If you have already installed this application in your device and want install the newer version of it then first remove the older version completely from your device otherwise it might come in your way and cause an error while installing the newer version of spotify.

You have to perform this step only if you have installed spotify but if not then you have to process from the second step.

Step: 2 Configure your phone to install the spotify premium for free

download spotify for free

As we all know that access the premium version of spotify or any other application for free is illegal and can be infected by virus.

And thats why you cannot get this application from the Google play store, you have to download this application from unknown sources.

By default android device does not allow to install applications downloaded from unknown sources but still if you want to install then you have to make some changes in your android device.

And here is what and how you will do it

  1. Go to setting on your device.
  2. Find security option and click on it.
  3. Scroll down and you will see unknown sources with a toggle button, click on it.
  4. It will ask you to make sure that after enabling the unknown sources your phone and data would be more vulnerable.
  5. Click ok.

Step: 3 Download premium spotify apk for free.

After configuration of the phone, the next step is to download the spotify premium apk from here.

As I have mentioned above that this is the modified version of Spotify so that you cannot download it from the play store and have to download it from some unknown sources.

The application downloaded from unknown sources have some drawback either its spotify or any other application.

And the drawback is, these applications which you have downloaded from unknown sources might be infected with the viruses which can harm your device while you are running it in your device.

So, before you download and install application from unknown sources, keep it in your mind and then process further.

Step: 4 Install spotify premium apk in your device

This is the third and the final step which you have to perform to install spotify in your device.

Open the download folder where your downloaded file has been saved.

Click on it to install.

Follow the instructions appear on the screen to complete the installation of spotify premium apk.

download spotify premium apk for free

Step: 5 Enjoy spotify premium apk

After completion of all the four steps above correctly, you have finally installed spotify which will allow you to enjoy all its premium features for free.



Lets wrap up

We have seen above that how you can get the free spotify premium apk step by step for free.

Also we have seen little bit about spotify that spotify is an online music, songs, podcasts streaming platform where people from all over the world come to listen the music and not just to listen the music but they create their own music and put it in front of billions of people to all over the world with the help of spotify.

The spotify premium apk, we have installed above is a modified version of spotify which allow you to access all the premium features of spotify.

To know more about spotify go above and read the full article.

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