The Little Known Facts About Lingerie

The word ‘lingerie’ definitely has a fascinating sound about itself. From your all-time favourite lacy bra to the crotchless panties you keep hidden for special occasions – the power of lingerie is unbeatable in every woman’s life. Lingerie is the way to embrace your feminine self with beauty, sexiness, and a lot of power. Imagine your daily life without the presence of comfortable, clean, pretty, and sexy underwear. How would we ever manage to continue with our day? Though underwear is a necessity over the years, it has transformed immensely and come a very long way. If you like every other woman needs some more sexy lingerie that guarantees longevity and long hours of comfort, start shopping. Make the most ofwild secrets promo codeto avail outstanding offers, unbeatable deals, discounts, sales, and promo codes. As for now, check out these remarkable less known yet fun facts about lingerie.

1. Were you aware of the fact that the word ‘lingerie’ applied to not just women but also men?

2. Corsets: The late 16th century saw an uprise of corsets – which were also referred to as ‘pair of bodys’. However, that is not the crazy part. Corsets were primarily made with whalebone. Women would tighten themselves with it to the point where they would end up injuring themselves just for the sake of looking slim. The concept of exercise or diet was completely lost on them, and they decided it was better to crack their ribs or hurt their inner organs than take part in the former one. It wasn’t until the 18th century that corsets developed and finally had some form of necessary padding.

3. The cup size measurement system, something that women know as A, B, C, and D began somewhere around the 30s. It was Ida Rosenthal who introduced it. Isn’t it truly mesmerizing?

4. It might come as a bit of a shock so be prepared. Crotchless panties were once a fashion necessity, and they weren’t worn because it is insanely hot and sexy. Back then it was believed only men are supposed to wear underwear with the crotch.

5. Somewhere around the 1900s, the word ‘monobosom’ became highly popular. It was a look that almost every woman wanted to achieve. So, what is it? Women wore bras that were supported and hoisted in a way that it would appear as one large bosom.

6. It wasn’t until 1975 that sports bra was invented. Lisa Lindahl designed a bra which women could wear without its straps falling off. The bra also had fasteners that dig deep into the skin. This proved to be extremely helpful for women everywhere. It helped them to stay active without worrying about their bras.

7. It was in the year 1914 that Mary Phelps Jacob from America created the bra. But Herminie Cadole designed the well-being of as the French call it le bien-tre. That was in the year 1889. Christine Hardt also holds the patent of designing the bra in the year 1889 in Germany – this proves that can’t pinpoint the source.

These are some of the fun, less known facts about lingerie.

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