Do You Need a House Clearing Service

You may have to move house at some stage or inherited a property which will need an amount of rubbish removed or possessions relocated. This will all take a certain amount of planning and organising.Do You Need a House Clearing Service

The best way to start is to make a list of what needs doing and prioritise these tasks.


You should separate the items that you want to keep, throw away, recycle or give away to a charitable organisation which would be well received.

You could hire a London House clearance firm to do the job for you if need be to save time and you will be able to leave the physical hard work that comes with it to someone else who does this type of work every day.

How much you will have to pay a house clearing  company for this service will vary from city to city and will also be dependent on how much stuff that you have to move and the location. You may be charged a little more if you live in a flat and the location is a difficult one o transport the items through narrow corridors, long flights of stairs or having to use an elevator to go up and down with each trip. This will all add up to the amount of time that the job will take.

Performing a simple search online will help find someone or a company in your local area. Make sure that they have an address and legitimate phone number will help safe guard you from a rouge trader. Avoid mobile numbers only at all costs.

If you are having waste removed, you only hire a Licensed Waste Carrier with the appropriate certification so you are covered.

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