EE World’s Fastest 4G Network

Have you heard of EE world’s fastest 4 G network? Well, we are here to enlighten you. The world’s fastest EE 4G network is found in Great Britain. The network which is owned by telecommunication giant BT is the biggest and most reliable 4 G network in the world.

Rivals cannot match their download speeds and coverage. Currently, 99 percent of the UK population is covered by the EE 4G network. The EE boosters also cover more than 85 percent of the country’s geography. Besides, EE was the pioneer UK network to offer a 5G network. The 5G network takes speeds to astronomical levels.

It seems the EE 4 G network bag of goodies did not stop at speeds and coverage. The network also offers WI-FI calling, VoLTE, and tethering. The network also allows roaming beyond the EU boundaries on some specific plans. However, you will have to soak up extra roaming charges.

The downside of the network is that it doesn’t come with data rollover other than PAYG. But with excellent speeds and coverage, this is a small matter that can be overlooked.

EE network coverage

The 4 G EE network offers a range of coverage options. They include 4G, 3G, and 2G. Ninety-nine percent of the UK’s population enjoys 4G network coverage. While a further 98 percent enjoys 3 G network coverage. Also, 2G network coverage reaches 99 percent of the country’s population. This puts the EE network coverage at a superior level when compared to its competition. Besides, because EE was the first to launch the 5G network, it is expected to be the market leader too in this segment.

Network speeds and frequencies

4G mobile network modem

EE delivers the highest 4G download speeds of 32.5Mbps. The network’s upload speeds are comparable to none at 10.4Mbps. When it comes to network latency, the EE 4G networks is ahead of its rivals by a wide margin. It boasts of latency of 37.9ms. Latency refers to the delays you experience whenever you are sending or receiving data on the network.

Besides, the EE 4G network uses a range of frequencies for 4G. It uses 800MHz, 1800MHz, and 2600MHz frequencies. The 800 MHz frequency is suitable for rural areas because it is a long-range frequency. It also offers strong indoor coverage because it can penetrate through walls

On the other hand, the 2600MHz frequency is ideal for congested areas like cities because of its shorter range. The 1800MHz is a middle range frequency.

Finally, the EE 4G network is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a secure, fast, and reliable network for your home or office. Ensure you get connected today to enjoy incredible speeds and coverage.

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